Acting Homeland Security Secretary Wolf steps down; Giuliani could face charges

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As outrage over last week's Capitol Hill riot grows, the House of Representatives is moving closer toward impeaching President Donald Trump for a second time. Democrats unveiled an article of impeachment Monday and expect to vote on it this week.

More businesses and organizations are distancing themselves from the president, including the PGA, which pulled its 2022 championship tournament from Trump's golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. Major social media outlets, including his favorite, Twitter, banned the president last week.

Information about the riot, which was incited in part by Trump, is coming to light, as well. Pro-Trump dark money groups were among those behind the Jan. 6 protest that triggered the attack on the Capitol.

The Biden transition continues apace. On Monday, the president-elect announced that he would nominate career diplomat William Burns to lead the Central Intelligence Agency.

House set to impeach President Trump for a second time