Bitcoin and the stock market could trade more closely as the crypto world expands

Key Points
  • Bitcoin's wild sell-off this past weekend was followed by weakness in the stock market. While the two markets are not tightly linked, the correlation is expected to grow.
  • Strategists say as more investors become involved with bitcoin and other crypto assets, the link may tighten between the crypto world and stocks.
Omar Marques | LightRocket | Getty Images

The correlation between bitcoin and the stock market could grow as more institutions become involved with cryptocurrency and the number of equities linked to digital currencies grows, strategists said.

For now, the link is loose: sometimes high, and other times negative. Bitcoin has been highly volatile, but watching the cryptocurrency has sometimes been a clue to sentiment.

"When I come in in the morning I let bitcoin give me a bit of a cue about how the market might trade," said Katie Stockton, chief technical strategist at Fairlead Securities.

Bitcoin's wild weekend sell-off set the tone for Monday's stock market decline, she said.