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Harness: 2022 Top Startups for the Enterprise

CNBC's first-ever Top Startups for the Enterprise list

Founders: Jyoti Bansal (CEO), Rishi Singh
Launched: 2016
Headquarters: San Francisco
Funding: $424.4 million
Valuation: $3.7 billion
Key technologies:
 Cloud computing, software-defined security
Software development

Harness co-founder and CEO Jyoti Bansal

Co-founder Jyoti Bansal sold his first company AppDynamics to Cisco for $3.7 billion and just six years later he has brought Harness up to its own $3.7 billion valuation as of its last fundraising in April. The company, which offers an automated approach to software development to cut down on labor and costs for engineering teams across industries, has grown its own staff to over 800 employees. Every company is now a software company and with that digital transformation come issues of constant code fixes and cyber vigilance. The aim of Harness is to provide an estimated 27 million software developers globally the ability to create and send code to end users faster, more efficiently, and securely. Investors include some of the nation's biggest banks and software firms, such as JPMorgan, Citi, Capital One, ServiceNow and Splunk, as well as Google's GV. Customers include Priceline, Carvana, eBay, Ancestry, SoulCycle and Makerbot. Key cloud integrations include Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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