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The art world is mysterious, seductive and ripe for exploitation. It's a magnet for criminals looking to make big money from thefts and forgeries. Art crimes rake in $6 billion a year…from home invasions to museum heists to forgers passing off high-priced fakes. It's a crime that could be scripted in Hollywood but also one that destroys careers, reputations and bank accounts.. More: Art for the Taking

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  • Health care fraud is one of the most devastating financial crimes, siphoning billions of dollars from insurance companies and patients who spend a staggering 2.5 trillion dollars each year on health care.

  • Crime Inc. goes inside the entertainment industry to meet some of the people losing their livelihood to piracy and also follows law enforcement trying to crack down on this seemingly victimless crime.

  • Crime Inc. follows cases where livelihoods are threatened, reputations ruined and trade secrets are bought and sold.

  • Cameras go undercover from China to Chinatown to reveal the latest trends in fakes, which have gone far beyond designer bags. From high-priced wine to name brand toothpaste…see how the counterfeiters keep their products moving.

  • Crime Inc. takes you undercover to explore a multibillion-dollar industry.

  • Crime Inc. goes undercover for a look at the alarming new trends.

  • CNBC Investigates: Illegal gambling where fortunes are on the line and lives hang in the balance.

  • The largest underground industry in the world. CNBC goes inside a global crime spree putting our economy and jobs at peril…and lives at risk.

  • It's America's secret epidemic. The illegal use of prescription drugs is big business for unscrupulous dealers and doctors around the country.

  • Organized crime rings are stealing billions of dollars in merchandise. CNBC takes you to the front lines of a nationwide battle against organized theft.

  • Forced prostitution. Slave labor. CNBC goes inside a $32 billion underground industry that knows no moral bounds and stretches around the globe.

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  • Easy scores, outrageous paydays and picture-perfect crimes. Crime Inc. takes you inside billion-dollar criminal enterprises.

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