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  • In these turbulent times, how can investors navigate their way through the global markets? Is it possible to chart your way through recessionary waters or can you rely on basic fundamental analysis? We ask two experts for their takes on this.

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    Spiraling food costs. Everyone is talking about it in Asia – over morning coffee, on the trains, over family dinners, even during the elevator ride up to work.  In particular, the surging price of rice.

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    The 40th Tokyo Motor Show is taking place in Chiba City and will open to the public from October 27th onwards.  The show is gives an insight into the state of the Japanese car industry, and which direction it is going. takes a look at what it has to offer.

  • All this week, CNBC's "Asia Squawk Box" is on the road in New Zealand. "Asia Squawk Box" will take a look at all things Kiwi -- its economy, the booming tourism industry, New Zealand's growth as a film locale and post production facility, its wining and dining exports and much more.

  • Are you one of those very normal people who puts your money in say a pension fund that promises to grow your wealth so that you can retire comfortably? The fund in turn gives your money to another fund -- an institutional fund -- that invests it in stocks you’ve never heard of. Well, for this week’s A Fund Affair, I thought it would be ‘fun’ to take a look at a fund that services only institutional investors. 

  • The past two weeks have been nothing short of tumultuous for markets in Asia. Stocks first hurtled downwards faster than if you threw a boulder off a cliff. Then this week saw stocks rallying, with markets making back almost all of the losses suffered the week before. It's easy to make money in these situations.  But for those who do not see volatility as a friend, investing in a fund with a long-term strategy may be more the thing for you. 

  • The past week has been a roller coaster ride for Asian markets.  And as far as roller coasters go, you could say that the Australian market took a nine G hit on Wednesday when the S&P/ASX 200 Index dropped 3.3%, the biggest one-day percentage fall in almost six years. The reason for the dive – Macquarie Bank, issued a warning that retail investors in two debt funds face losses of up to 25%.

  • This week marks the tenth anniversary of the Asian Financial Crisis.  As part of’s review of the Asian Financial Crisis, A Fund Affair features the Templeton Thailand Fund.  Why this particular fund?  Templeton, for better or for worse, launched its Thail fund on 20 June 1997, just two weeks before the crisis hit. But before we go into the fund’s details, let’s take a look at what happened ten years past.

  • A decade ago on July 2, Thailand decided to float its currency, the baht, triggering the regional chain reaction known as the Asian Financial Crisis.

  • Talk about a case study in why you can’t time the market. Franklin Templeton Investment Funds launched its Thailand fund on June 20, 1997, just two weeks before the float of the Thai baht, which triggered the Asian Financial Crisis.