Apple iPhone, iPads Are All Made by Taiwanese Companies

china foxconn-437311541_v2.jpg
Kin Cheung

In an effort to be more transparent, Apple has released for the first time specific information about its final assembly facilities.

While Apple published a list of its supply makers last year, the new information gives more details about where each Apple product is made.

The tech giant named the 17 factories where its products are assembled and packaged and also named which product is assembled at each facility and where that facility is located. All but one of the suppliers is owned by a Taiwanese company, and 14 of the 17 factories are located in China.

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Apple also revealed that the Taiwanese company Hon Hai Precision Industry—commonly known as Foxconn—owns assembly plants for iPhones and iPads.

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Criticism of working conditions at Hon Hai has put pressure on Apple to increase transparency about where its products are made.

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There is one assembly plant located in the U.S., which is owned by the Taiwanese company Quanta Computer, that assembles Mac Computers.

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