Cramer: 787 Should Lift Boeing Much Higher

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If you're looking for a way to bet on American ingenuity, Cramer thinks there's no better place for your money than this stock.

"As the largest manufacturer of both commercial jetliners and military aircraft," Cramer thinks Boeing is in the sweet spot.

That may sound counter-intuitive in light of the sequester but Boing CEO Jim McNerney told Cramer that Boeing would not feel much if any impact. "We anticipated what was coming and took out costs in the run up," he revealed during an interview on Mad Money.

Instead, McNerney suggested that investors should focus much more on the new 787 Dreamliner, which seems to be winning more orders every day.

"We're out to about 1,000 in our backlog; you can't get one before 2019," McNerney said.

Jim McNerney, president and CEO of The Boeing Company on Mad Money.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC
Jim McNerney, president and CEO of The Boeing Company on Mad Money.

Although the new plane had encountered its fair share of troubles such as battery failures when the new planes were introduced, McNerney assured Cramer those concerns were in the past.

"That issue has been resolved and the full promise of the 787 has not been impaired," McNerney said.

Going forward he said the opportunity lies in taking the 787 technology and leveraging it elsewhere. "We're now in a position where we can harvest the 787 technology and spread it across our entire Boeing fleet," McNerney said.

And demand around the world for new Boeing planes could be greater than ever imagined.

"In China alone they're building 93 new airports with 6 of them the size of O'Hare," McNerney said. The potential may not be realized for a few years yet, but McNerney told Cramer that China is very serious about building out its infrastructure; China is looking to compete in every way.

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Considering headwinds are dying down and the tailwinds from the Dreamliner are picking up Cramer thinks Boeing shares may enjoy clear skies for quite some time to come.

"At $100, I suspect the stock has more room to run," Cramer said. "When an aircraft cycle like the 787 kicks in, the profits can extend as far as the eye can see."

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