Warren Buffett Throws Better Than Mariah Carey


We now have video evidence that Warren Buffett's pitch to catcher Jack Welch at Boston's Fenway Park last night wasn't quite a "perfect strike."

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In Buffett's own words, the ceremonial first pitch before the Red Sox and Rays took the field was "a little high and outside," but it certainly didn't bounce four or five times before reaching the plate, as he seemed to predict it mightwhen he first told us he'd be making his Fenway debut.

Here's a short video clip of the entire first pitch, from walking out to the mound (watch out for the foul line) to the post-pitch interview with CNBC's Darren Rovell. (Darren has his own take on the big night in his SportsBiz blog.)

Compare Buffett's performance to singer Mariah Carey's first pitch before a game in Tokyo last May. Clearly Buffett can throw better. I'll leave any other comparisons to you.

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