Apple Not Selling 'Lightning' Adapters in Stores...Yet


Apple rolled out its iPhone 5in stores across the world Friday, but Apple fans are going to have to wait a little longer before they can get their hands on an adapter to go with the new "Lightning" connector, the device that makes it possible to connect the new phone to old accessories, according to a report.

Mashable is reporting that Apple is not yet selling the adapters in stores, but the tech giant said that the device would hit shelves "soon."

The new adapter, which is priced at $29, is built to fit Apple's new smaller connector called the Lightning.

The adapter is on sale online, but isn't available to ship until October, according to the website.

While investors' concerns about Apple's supply of the new iPhone are easing, the shortage of the adapter accessory is just one of the issues consumers are facing with the iPhone 5.

Apple's Maps system, which replaced the Google Maps app on the iPhone as part of the iOS6 update, has been criticized for inaccuracies on maps.

Despite some scrutiny though, some analysts are predicting 10 million iPhone 5 phones will be sold before the end of September. The tech giant already reported two million pre-orders for the new phone during the first 24 hours it was available online.