Spirit Airlines 'Romney Wins' Email Sparks Anger on Twitter

Spirit Airlines is at it again. Early Tuesday, well ahead of official election results, the airline sent an email to subscribers with a subject line, "Romney Wins!"

Spirit Airlines 'Romney Wins' Email Sparks Anger on Twitter
Source: Archieknuckles | Instagram

Opening the email revealed Spirit's newest airfare sale, geared towards the presidential election. "Romney Wins. And So Do Obama and You With These Incredibly Low Fares," according to the email, which offered sale fares starting at $29.80 one-way.

But reaction on Twitter to the faux election results and airfare sale triggered negative comments. "Spirit Airlines just sent out a mass email with the subject Romney Wins & I thought they couldn't suck more than they already do," said one Twitter user.

Other responses on Twitter included, "*double side eye* to them," "I knew why I didn't like there (sic) airline," and "They just lost me... won't EVER fly them and I just unsubscribed."

Spirit is known for its quirky and sometimes controversial airfare sales based on current events, many of them political.

In October, Spirit launched a sale mocking Romney's comments during one of the presidential debates. When asked about pay equality for women, Romney said, "I went to a number of women's groups and said, 'Can you help us find folks?' and they brought us whole binders full of women." Spirit then launched a "Binders" airfare promotion the following day. (Read more: Spirit Airlines Offers 'Binders' of Airfare Sales)

Before that, Spirit poked fun at the Secret Service prostitution scandal with a "More Bang For Your Buck" sale to Cartagena, Colombia. (Read more: Spirit Airlines' Secret Service Special)

Misty Pinson, Spirit's director of corporate communication, was not immediately available for comment.