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  • This retail business owner pleas to Marcus Lemonis to fix the fabric of his company

    Designer/owner Rocco Giordano describes Faded Royalty as an independent lifestyle brand. The retail store on the Lower East Side of New York City is not bringing in enough profit and Giordano doesn't have enough cash flow to keep it afloat. He asks Marcus Lemonis to come in and provide a game plan before his company is ripped to shreds.

  • This retail display company needs Marcus Lemonis to put it in the spotlight

    Jeff and Aimee Dougherty are the owners of JD Custom Displays, a custom retail display company in Fullerton, California. Everything is manufactured in house at their warehouse, but despite having eye-catching displays and finding success in the cosmetic industry, they’re now finding themselves behind on orders and are struggling to make a profit. Check out the casting tape that convinced Marcus Lemonis to consider their company for investment.

  • Before the Profit: This custom sports apparel business is on life support and can’t make payroll

    Despite not having any experience in the sports apparel industry, Ray Odom and Justin Romines started Rayjus in 2010. Their apparel includes tournament fishing jerseys, archery jerseys and additional athletic jerseys, however they’re now facing mountains of debt and have fallen behind on orders. They also can’t make payroll. Odom and Romines are now reaching out to Marcus Lemonis to see if he can turn around the company.


On CNBC’s “The Profit”, Marcus Lemonis lends his expertise to struggling businesses in various industries across the country while using his famous People/Process/Product principle.

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Marcus Lemonis

There is no secret as to why self-made millionaire and serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis continues to make his mark on the business world. He leaves not just an impression, but an imprint on everyone he meets, and Lemonis has that charisma, if you will, that few possess.

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