Technology Executive Council Advisory Board

Anant Agarwal, CEO edX & Professor MIT.
Carl Bass, Former President and CEO Autodesk.
Jim Breyer, Founder and CEO Breyer Capital.
Aneesh Chopra, President CareJourney & Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer.
Beth Comstock, Author and Former GE Vice Chair.
Kenneth Goldman, President Hillspire and Former CFO Yahoo.
Theresia Gouw, Co-founder Aspect Ventures.
Helen Greiner, Co-founder iRobot & Founder CyPhy Works.
Katie Haun, General Partner Andreessen Horowitz.
Perry Hewitt, Former CDO Harvard University.
Walter Isaacson, Distinguished Fellow Aspen Institute & Professor of History Tulane.
Imran Khan, the co-founder & CEO of Verishop and the former chief strategy officer at Snap.
Jaron Lanier, Computer Scientist, Composer, Artist, & Author.
Michael Luca, Lee J. Styslinger III Associate Professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School.
Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder and Managing Partner Initialized Capital & Co-founder Reddit.
Padmasree Warrior, Former CEO and Chief Development Officer NIO U.S.
Tim Wu, Julius Silver Professor of Law, Science and Technology at Columbia Law School.

Technology Executive Council