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Cramer Remix: The sell-off in these two retail stocks is wrong

Cramer Remix: The sell-off in these two stocks is wrong
Cramer Remix: The sell-off in these two stocks is wrong

Retailers took a beating on Tuesday, but Jim Cramer wants investors to know that not all of them deserved to be down — especially Home Depot and TJX.

"They are precisely what is working at this point both in the economic and internet spin cycles," the "Mad Money" host said.

Both companies reported strong earnings on Tuesday and were initially greeted with higher prices in pre-market trading. However, both were ultimately taken down by the gravitational pull of the market.

"Just remember not all stocks pull back because something is wrong at the company. In fact, in this market, stocks get seesawed back and forth often with nothing happening at the company," Cramer said.

Thus, the next time stocks plummet, Cramer recommended buying both TJX and Home Depot.

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Stocks are controlled by two masters: oil and the Federal Reserve, Cramer says. The key is to keep them separate because if the two masters bump into one another, the results could be disastrous.

They collided on Tuesday following the report that the U.S. consumer price index rose 0.4 percent last month, which was higher than the 0.3 percent expected. The fear of higher inflation introduced the theory that rising oil prices could mean that the Fed will institute multiple rate hikes this year.

"If that is the case, there is more downside ahead even as I think you could make a very convincing argument that the inflation we have right now can't be curbed by higher rates," Cramer said.

At this point, Cramer is praying that Fed chief Janet Yellen is flexible enough to see that the Fed can't stop inflation.

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Retail, technology, biotech and the financials were all taken down by the bear this week. But Cramer found the one group that has quietly managed to defy any weakness in the averages, even on Tuesday when the market was hit hard.

Americans have spent fortunes to keep their pets happy and healthy. So, it makes sense that even if the economy wavers, the pet care group would continue to roar. Cramer decided to take a look at the charts to see what could be in store for Petmed Express, Blue Buffalo Pet Products, Vet Centers of America, Freshpet, Zoetis and IDEXX Laboratories.

"Sometimes the best ideas are staring you right in the face," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer turned to the wisdom of Bob Lang to interpret the charts. Lang is a technician and founder of and a colleague of Cramer's at

So, in a market where it is hard to find winners, pet care stocks have proven to be consistently strong. Cramer's top picks are IDEXX and Zoetis; he thinks they could work in the current environment.

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For those who thought Amazon achieved total world domination, think again. Cramer discovered more worlds for Amazon to conquer, particularly when it announced it would launch new lineups of private label food and consumer products.

Just as a local supermarket has cheaper store brand products, Amazon will now offer its own food competitor.

Amazon's stock barely budged on the news, which made sense to Cramer since this is still a small market for it. However, Treehouse Foodspopped 2 percent on the news over speculation that it could be a possible partner with Amazon in its private-label efforts.

"Treehouse gave back all of those gains today, but I think this is an intriguing story, and you are now getting a great entry point," the "Mad Money" host said.

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Sometimes Cramer likes to circle back to companies that have followed his advice and taken big action. Baxter International is the maker of medical supplies that spun-off its pharmaceutical business as Baxalta approximately 10 months ago.

Cramer recommended Baxter break itself up in order to unlock value in his book "Get Rich Carefully."

"If you ever wanted proof that breaking up is both easy to do and incredibly lucrative, that Baxalta spinoff was the ultimate in nearly instant value creation," Cramer said.

However, Baxalta is not the only attractive part of the story. The remaining company Baxter has gotten its act together recently, and Cramer thinks the stock have a lot more room to run.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Blackhawk Network: "I think the company pretty much laid out a case about why you can't own it. I mean not right now, because the adoption has been slow because of certain things having to do with the mechanics of your credit card. So, let's put it on hold for now until that transition is done." "We actually investigated this for three days. We cannot figure it out! I want to come on. If not, I'm going to put the fill-or-kill team that we have at at The Street on this thing. I cannot figure what the heck happened to"

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