Tell us what you think: Who is under the most pressure this week?

Key Points
  • British Prime Minister is set to make a speech on Brexit negotiations
  • The Federal Open Market Committee will meet for a two-day meeting beginning Sept. 19
  • Germany will head to the polls
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street in central London on September 13, 2017.
Tolga Akmen | AFP | Getty Images

From losing a parliamentary majority to missteps in handling the Grenfell Tower fire, British Prime Minister Theresa May has had a challenging first year. Ahead of a speech on Sept. 22 in Florence to address progress on Brexit negotiations, May now faces fresh dissent from within her own party after foreign minister Boris Johnson set out his own vision for Brexit in a 4,300-word article. While Johnson later tweeted that he was "[a]ll behind" May, others speculated that the former mayor of London remained interested in leading the Conservative Party.

Meanwhile, Germany heads to the polls on Sept. 24 for parliamentary elections. In the lead-up to voting day, Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union party is holding firmly onto its roughly 15 percent lead over the Social Democratic party, according to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Elsewhere, market watchers will look to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen for clues on future monetary policy when the Fed meets for a two-day meeting this week.

Also in the week, U.S. President Donald Trump will address the United Nations on Tuesday. He is expected to speak about tensions on the Korean Peninsula after plenty of sabre-rattling about taking North Korea to task for its weapons program.