Poll: Which sector will see the most deal activity by the end of the year?

Robert Daly | Getty Images

A combination of political and economic uncertainty around the globe has seen companies become hesitant in signing mega deals this year.

According to preliminary Thomson Reuters data in September, the value of global mergers and acquisitions fell 5 percent annually to $765 billion in the third quarter. That was the lowest third-quarter level since 2013, according to Reuters.

Some of the risks that are creating uncertainties include the ongoing Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union and President Donald Trump's attempts to pass new laws pertaining to health care and taxes.

Meanwhile, Chinese companies — which have been big spenders outside China in recent years — have been hamstrung by a series of new regulations introduced by Beijing to curb what it called "irrational" foreign investments.

For this week's Trader Poll, tell us which of the following sectors will see the most deal activity by the end of the year.