This is the No. 1 question Tony Robbins gets asked (and how he answers it)

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Tony Robbins is a force of nature. He has seemingly endless energy and is unrelentingly positive.

And so, it is perhaps unsurprising that the question Robbins gets asked more than any other is, "Do you ever get bummed out?" It seems, when you meet him, that it would almost be an impossibility.

It turns out, yes, Robbins does get bummed out. But now, at 57, it doesn't happen very often and it doesn't last very long, Robbins tells CNBC Make It.

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"The question I get asked, that I have been asked the most in my entire life since I started when I was 17 was, 'Do you ever have down days? Do you ever just wake up in the morning and feel like hell? Do you ever just sit around and watch T.V. or each Cheetos and watch porn?' And I say, 'I do some of those things,'" says Robbins.

He does have tough times, he says, "But I really don't have tough days."

That's because he is comfortable with who he is and what he has done with his life — so far — and because he has learned how to keep perspective.

"Last night, I was flying, I was in my plane, Global Express, and we lost an engine and the stewardess came in and said, 'We've got to buckle up. We've got to make an immediate emergency landing in the mountains of Arizona.' And I didn't have any regrets," Robbins tells Make It in September.

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He was on the plane, he says, with his wife and a friend.

"We all said, 'Look, let's not be overly dramatic — I don't think it is going to happen. But if anything did, it's been a great life, right?'" says Robbins.

"In my own life ... I feel good in my own skin. I'm not looking to be perfect. I don't have that delusion that I'm perfect or anyone else is perfect. But I do believe I can make a difference because I spent four decades of my life obsessed with how to help people improve their business, or their relationship, with their personal life, or their bodies, and so I have a lot of great tools. It fulfills me."

Indeed, Robbins has had a remarkable journey.

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Robbins grew up in an abusive household — he has recounted being chased by his knife-wielding mother to CNBC — and in his early days worked as a night janitor. Today, the entrepreneur runs an empire of more than 30 businesses set to do over $6 billion in revenue in 2017, he says. He has been nicknamed the "CEO whisperer" for his ability to help leaders grow their businesses.

In addition to feeling at peace in his own skin, Robbins has enough perspective to know that problems are part of the journey.

"There's not there's not much for me at this stage that gets me too upset — at this stage I've buried three fathers and a mother; I've been told I had a tumor in my brain; I've been through some crazy stuff. And when you get through that, A. You realize how strong you really are; B. You find out who your real friends are because when things are tough you can see your real friends; and C. It almost builds an immunity to other problems," Robbins tells CNBC.

Running dozens of businesses, he has become comfortable with things going wrong.

"With 33 companies, I've got 1,200 employees, you know, all I have got to do is pull out my phone and — what are the chances that somebody is messing something up somewhere? But it's not an upset for me anymore because it's just part of the process and I love it."

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