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Cramer Remix: The latest insult I see in the IPO market

Key Points
  • "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer broke down why he thinks the IPO market has been slim pickings amidst the current bull market.
  • Cramer also sat down with "Shark Tank's" Daymond John to get the latest on his new book and his favorite market trends.
  • In the lightning round, Cramer recommended a semiconductor play ahead of earnings.
Cramer Remix: The latest insult I see in the IPO market

Bull markets as strong as this one tend to spark an influx of initial public offerings, or IPOs, but CNBC's Jim Cramer has seen something different playing out this time around.

"This time we've hardly had any IPOs," the "Mad Money" host said. "The reason? Because when we do get deals, they annihilate the investors who go into them in spectacular fashion, mostly thanks to a lot of merchandise that's so horrendous as to be almost insulting."

The latest insult was security systems play ADT, which came public for a second time last week. The company aimed to sell 111 million shares for between $17 and $19; instead, the deal priced at $14 a share and only sold 105 million shares.

After the already disappointing deal, the stock has continued to sink, finishing Monday's trading session down 7.6 percent.

"Still, after this ADT 'Black Mirror' adventure of an offering, all I can say is that if this is the only stock they can create and coin here, then they won't flood us with stock and we could be stock-supply-constrained," Cramer said. "Bull market: 1, bankers: 0."

Blink and you'll miss your buying opportunities

The U.S. Capitol building is seen during the third day of a government shutdown in Washington, DC, January 22, 2018.
Carlos Barria | Reuters

Cramer knows that buying stocks on weakness in a market this strong is no easy task.

"Even in this market, this beast of a market, you do get the occasional buying opportunity. It does exist, but the window closes so fast that if you blink you'll miss it," he said. "Still, if you're ready to pounce, you can pick up some high-quality stocks at discounted prices."

Exhibit A? The government shutdown, which started at midnight on Saturday and ended with a deal struck on Monday afternoon.

The major averages slid from their highs at Monday's opening bell as investors processed what the shutdown meant for equities. But Cramer struggled to link it to any tangible effects.

"Historically, if we have a delay in tax refund checks from the IRS, it would cause weak year-over-year comparisons for the dollar store chains, the auto parts retailers, anything where consumers will have to postpone their spending. That's been the pattern," Cramer said. "But if you had a chance to pick those stocks up into weakness today because it was the pattern, you had to take it."

Cramer's catch-all guide to investing in winning sectors

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Cramer firmly believes that this kind of bull market — the kind where the averages rally to all-time highs amid a government shutdown — requires the utmost insight and analysis.

"What's been working now is very different from what was working even a year ago," the "Mad Money" host said on Monday. "This is the kind of story where a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. So tonight, we're going chart by chart, examining the winning groups in this new era to show you the true magnitude of this amazing transformation."

So, with the economy improving, Cramer rattled off more than 60 stock picks for investors who want to take advantage of the boom.

'Shark Tank's' Daymond John on success

Daymond John with Jim Cramer on CNBC's "Mad Money."
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

When "Shark Tank's" Daymond John set out to write his latest book, he asked stars like actress Catherine Zeta-Jones to give him a minute-by-minute breakdown of their typical day.

"We keep hearing about hard work, hard work, hard work," John told Cramer in a Monday interview. "But that's like [saying], 'You want to be a basketball player like Michael Jordan? Go and practice.' That's great, but I want to know: what is his method of operation? What does he do every single minute to make himself stronger, jump higher?"

Aside from being an investor on CNBC's "Shark Tank," John is the president, CEO and founder of a billion-dollar apparel company, FUBU, and the father of two.

His new book, "Rise and Grind: Outperform, Outwork, and Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and Rewarding Life," explores how successful, high-profile people "maximize" their days, he said.

Lightning round: Equipped to win

In Cramer's lightning round, he zipped through his take on some callers' favorite stocks:

Teradyne: "Yes, but this is semiconductor manufacturing equipment testing. I've got to tell you, I like Lam Research. They report later this week."

Southern Co: "That's a shame. Southern's just OK. I prefer American Electric Power or Dominion. Both are better."

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