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Cramer Remix: Weekend jitters, not earnings, drove down JP Morgan and Citigroup

Key Points
  • "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer assesses J.P. Morgan and Citigroup earnings with a fine-tooth comb and explains why he thinks the stocks could go higher soon.
  • Cramer also reviews the controversies in the stocks of Micron and MiMedx.
  • In the lightning round, Cramer says investors should wait until banks report to buy their stocks.
Cramer Remix: Weekend jitters, not earnings, drove down JP Morgan and Citigroup

CNBC's Jim Cramer has accepted the fact that issues in Washington can indeed weigh on Wall Street, especially going into the weekend.

"Hate him or like him, President Trump is creating a level of uncertainty that breeds selling on any rally, as we know there could be big news flow on Saturday and Sunday," the "Mad Money" host said as stocks slid into Friday's close.

Much of Friday's decline was fueled by the stocks of J.P. Morgan and Citigroup, even after the big banks issued strong earnings reports.

"I went over these quarters with a fine-tooth comb today. I spent hours on them, kept looking for what was wrong and there was nothing wrong, but it just didn't matter. Sellers came out of the woodwork all morning and then afternoon," Cramer said.

He continued: "I think these stocks will come roaring back in the ensuing weeks, but it was real nasty out there, and I think it was the weekend jitters driving down these stocks and a host of others literally from the first hour of trading."

With those weekend jitters in mind, Cramer went over his weekly game plan, which will see earnings reports from Netflix, Goldman Sachs and General Electric.

Under-the-radar cybersecurity stocks

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With high-profile breaches rocking companies like Under Armour and Boeing, the cybersecurity business is not slowing down anytime soon, Cramer said on Friday.

But with top cybersecurity stocks like Proofpoint and Palo Alto Networks already up about 30 percent year to date, Cramer wanted to seek out some under-the-radar names to see if they could be worth investors' time.

"Tonight, I want to tell you about the newer, more under-the-radar, cybersecurity stocks that have been heating up of late, companies like ForeScout Technologies, Okta and Zscaler," Cramer said.

Micron warning

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Of all the technology sector's battleground stocks, Cramer has found the stock of Micron Technology to be the most controversial.

"After all, when a semiconductor stock sells at less than five times earnings, your thinking is that it represents a tremendous bargain — how could it not?" the "Mad Money" host said.

But after 25 years of following and analyzing Micron, Cramer wasn't so sure about that theory.

"I know that it's at its most vulnerable when it sells at its lowest price-to-earnings multiple," he said. "That's a signal. That could be the market telling you — could be — that Micron's much more expensive than it appears as those earnings estimates ... won't be reached."

MiMedx battleground

Cramer also addressed the controversy brewing in the stock of small-cap biopharmaceutical stock MiMedx. The underlying company has unique mission: it uses donated human placental tissue to make skin grafts that help heal wounds 60 percent faster than the normal rate.

But a host of firms, including Citron Research and Viceroy Research, have been shorting the stock, arguing that the company lies to shareholders and improperly inflates its sales numbers.

Even as MiMedx vehemently denies the allegations, the Justice Department opened an investigation into its distribution practices in February, making matters worse.

"I don't want to take a position on which side is right, but one thing is undeniable: MiMedx has become what I call a battleground stock, and here on 'Mad Money' we have learned one thing: to stay the heck away from battlegrounds," Cramer said.

"Sure, if the bulls are right, you could double your money, but if the short-sellers are right, maybe you lose it all," he warned. "As long as a company like MiMedx is caught between the short-sellers and a federal investigation, to me, I think it's not worth the risk. I don't want to tell you what to do, though. You can make your own determination. But if it were me, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night taking either side of this particular trade."

Lightning round: Don't bank on BBT before earnings

In Cramer's lightning round, he rattled off his take on some callers' favorite stocks:

BB&T Corp.: "BB&T is going to report next week. Now, one of the things we've learned about these banks today is that people just have decided that none of them are any good. But we know [CEO] Kelly King. He's come on the show quite a bit and the story, I think, will be a good one. But there's no sense buying a bank ahead of it unless the stock has come down enough, and that stock is still not down enough from its high."

Select Medical Holdings: "It's very good, a very good hospital chain. But you know what? When I'm in that business, I always say go with the best and the best is HCA."

Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of J.P. Morgan, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.

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