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Bartender? Registered nurse? How to find jobs in fields you never knew offered distance working

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The number of remote workers continues to skyrocket, fueled recently by the pandemic. 

In early April, 62% of employed Americans said they were working from home, double the number from mid-March, according to a Gallup poll.

Some industries — information, financial activities, professional and business services, and public administration — are naturally more suited to remote work.

And as companies adjust to a new world, more jobs are being tailored to remote positions. Although leisure and hospitality might have fewer opportunities for distance work, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you're more likely to find jobs that can be done from home even in fields you wouldn't expect.

About a fifth of Americans said they had moved because of Covid-19 or know someone who did, Pew Research found. That means remote jobs are even more desirable. Luckily, they are growing more prevalent.

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Here's how to stand out when you're looking for a remote job. 

Brie Weiler Reynolds, career development manager and coach at FlexJobs, says the hundreds of resumes she's reviewed for would-be remote workers all miss the mark in one respect.

They fail to mention the skills and experience that make that candidate a good remote worker.

"Your resume should tell employers that you've got what it takes to not only do their job, but do it remotely," Reynolds said. Some key points are written and verbal communication, the ability to work independently and stay organized, and having a growth mindset.

How to write a resume for a remote job if you want to work from home
How to tailor your resume for remote jobs

Make sure to highlight previous remote experience, Reynolds says.

Recent college grads might consider including some college experiences that used the skills many employers look for, Reynolds says, such as communication and writing ability, time management, focus, project management, teamwork and research.

Detail the programs and software you're versed in, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Salesforce and WordPress. Don't forget all the remote collaboration tools you know: IM/chat programs like Slack or Google Chat, file sharing (Dropbox), document collaboration (Google Drive) and video conferencing (GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoom).  

Check out the following 10 jobs listed at FlexJobs. All are either fully remote or allow for working remotely. 

1. Nurse advice line

AJ_Watt | E+ | Getty Images

Medical advice line nurses assess a patient's current health and understanding of their condition, identify potential care, provide health education and give treatment alternatives. They can give recommendations on levels of care and triage immediate health concerns.

Click here to view a sample job listing. 

2. Director of identity and freelancer fraud

seksan Mongkhonkhamsao | Moment | Getty Images

Armchair sleuths might find this job listing appealing, but a decade's worth of experience in "risk, trust or policy roles" is required for this anti-fraud and ID theft position.

Click here to view a job listing.

3. Geospatial analyst

Christoph Burgstedt/Science Photo Library | Getty Images

Geospatial analysts examine a range of data from aerial photographs, cartographic record and geology maps, satellite data, soil analysis and other environmental samples, and any academic literature published about and within the landscape.

Click here to view a typical job listing.

4. Home decor design

Orbon Alija | E+ | Getty Images

Worked in some capacity as a stylist or have an eye for design? Know a good throw pillow when you see one? There may be a spot for you with an interior design and home furnishings company. One such FlexJob listing said ideal candidates "will work online through the company platform to create beautiful designs for clients and source furnishings and decor from a wide variety of retail, trade and wholesale vendors."

Click here to view a job listing.

5. Instagram specialist

TARIK KIZILKAYA | E+ | Getty Images

An Instagram specialist interacts with a company's target audience to boost brand awareness, and can produce suitable visual content, measure performance, use hashtags appropriately and create short- and long-term goals for brand strategy.

Click here to view a typical job listing.

6. Mixology and bartending instructor 

Boogich | E+ | Getty Images

Nearly anything that can be demonstrated on video can be a remote job opportunity. Mixology and bartending instructors, for instance, can teach online classes or be brand ambassadors for a company.

Click here to view a sample job listing.

7. Medical scheduler

FatCamera | E+ | Getty Images

Various industries, especially health-care companies, use work-from-home schedulers. Medical schedulers contact patients about upcoming appointments, direct calls to staff members, organize electronic files and perform general clerical work. Responsibilities may include contacting prospective clients to discuss new products or services, and making appointments with sales representatives.

Click here to view a representative job listing.

8. Strategic partner, comedy 

AleksandarGeorgiev | E+ | Getty Images

Are you a people person with a love of comedy? This home-based talent-acquisition position combines the best of human resources and humor. Search out and sign comedy talent "while building partnerships in the industry."  Five to 10 years' experience in the talent and entertainment industry is necessary, however.

Click here to view a job listing.

9. School social worker 

Mother an son using laptop at home
damircudic | E+ | Getty Images

School social workers talk with families and students over the phone or in remote meeting apps, helping them identify and access school or community resources. Other duties include coordinating with teachers to identify at-risk students, finding out what language a student speaks at home and arranging for interpreter services.

Click here to see a typical job listing.

10. Senior mortgage underwriter

guvendemir | E+ | Getty Images

A mortgage underwriter reviews applications, analyzes applicants' income and credit, evaluates risk and underwrites loans that meet requirements.

Click here to view sample job listing.

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