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Here's who is paying for the $659 billion in PPP loans

Where the money comes from for PPP loans
Where the money comes from for PPP loans

More than 51 million U.S. workers can thank the Paycheck Protection Program for helping provide a portion of their wages during the coronavirus shutdown. 

The $659 billion program, authorized under the CARES Act, let small businesses take out loans to stay afloat and keep workers on the payroll. Even better, some or all of the loan may be forgiven if the businesses meet certain requirements. 

The process to get a PPP loan was pretty straightforward: Business owners went to their bank and applied for a loan to keep the doors open. 

But behind the scenes, the lending process involved a few extra steps, according to Sahil Bloom, a financial educator and vice president at Altamont Capital Partners. 

Check out this video to see the steps the government took to get money to businesses around the country.  

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