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  • Flood water is released from spillways of the Three Gorges Dam

    Asia has become the world leader in adding renewable capacity amid growing energy demand. These are Asia's most impressive renewable energy projects.

  • Flag bearers of participating nations march into the national stadium during the closing ceremony for the biennial Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Singapore's National Stadium on June 16, 2015.

    Singapore's intensive social media use to broadcast the SEA Games around the region begs the question: does it still matter where sports events are held?

  • Singapore

    Singapore's economic miracle has taken it from fishing village to regional financial power center.

  • Crowdfunding is going mainstream, with Singapore-based CoAssets joining Australia's junior market to bring its investment model to a bigger audience.

  • The precious gem will soon join the ranks of other commodities on trading screens this September.

  • Entrepreneurs are plugging into Bali's emerging tech scene thanks to a thriving start-up ecosystem, low costs and the beautiful surroundings.

  • Customers inside a branch of Gramin Bank of Aryavat (GBA) in the village of Khurana, Uttar Pradesh, India.

    As bitcoin struggles to gain mass appeal, advocates of the digital currency are turning to a new audience to promote adoption: the global unbanked.

  • Cityscape view of Sanya city, Hainan, China.

    Tourism experts and property developers say there is a wave of senior travelers who favor regular migration to second homes over breakneck site-seeing.

  • A $20 billion joint venture is the latest sign of fresh investment into Indian renewable energy as New Delhi seeks to aggressively boost output.

  • Singapore's Council for Third Age aims to make sure the country's silver set can stay active in their golden years, offering a range of activities.

  • As governments across Asia grapple with a rapidly aging population, inspired entrepreneurs are rushing to tap the expanding silver market.

  • We compare the two Asian giants through a lens of soft power metrics.

  • The fight for market share heats up as Chinese players bring their disruptive strategies to grab a chunk of the fast-growing Indian handset market.

  • A mix of Asian currencies.

    India's currency has been a dismal investment so far this decade, but next five years are expected to bring about a reversal of fortunes for the rupee.

  • Singapore education startup KungFu Math is banking on the country's reputation for mathematical excellence as it expands abroad.

  • A robot manufacturer in China's Harbin Economic and Technological Development Zone.

    More Chinese factories are ditching human workers for machines as a robotic revolution gets underway in the world's second-largest economy.


As emerging Asia transitions into a global economic power, it faces a host of challenges including rising inequality, increasing geo-political tensions, graying nations and climate change. We look how the world's most populous region is coping with the unprecedented changes, what policymakers are doing and what this means for businesses and investors.


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