Savings Certificate of Deposit

  • SHANGHAI/ BEIJING, Aug 31- China's central bank has barred financial institutions from issuing certain kinds of interbank loans as a funding loophole, as it continues to keep a tight grip on the potential for speculative financing. Institutions will not be allowed to issue negotiable certificates of deposit- a popular short-term debt instrument for smaller...

  • BEIJING, Aug 31- China's central bank said on Thursday financial institutions are not allowed to issue inter-bank negotiable certificates of deposit with a tenor exceeding one year from Sept. 1. NCDs with a tenor of one year or less can still be issued, the People's Bank of China said. The PBOC said earlier this month it would start to include NCDs, tenors within...

  • Woman saving money in jars

    Although Fed rates have risen, CD rates have been slow to increase.

  • U.S. Dollars

    Yields on these funds are now 0.1%. If rates go negative, investors will earn zero. Theoretically, that could be the end of the industry.

  • Rising interest rates and your retirement savings

    What to do with your retirement portfolio if the Fed raises interest rates next week.

  • Making your money last in retirement

    Worried about having enough money for the retirement you want? You’re not the only one. Surveys consistently cite money as a top concern for Americans heading into retirement. We’ll explore different income strategies to make sure you’ve got enough money to enjoy a long retirement.

  • Indicted financier R. Allen Stanford, accused of leading a $7 billion investment fraud scheme, arrives at the Bob Casey Federal Courthouse in Houston, March 6, 2012.

    The Supreme Court ruled that the victims of former Texas tycoon R. Allen Stanford's massive Ponzi scheme can go forward with class-action lawsuits.

  • Portugal's top bankers have called on Europe's leaders to stop "playing with fire" and moderate their stance towards the euro zone periphery, or risk instilling alarm among bank depositors in future, the FT reports.