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Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney
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Mitt Romney

Born: March 12 1947, Detroit
Lives: Belmont, Mass.
Education: Brigham Young University, B.A., 1971; Harvard, MBA, J.D., 1975


Funds raised (according to Aug. 31 figures, the latest available on
Total Raised: $279,343,000
Total Spent: $228,921,635
Cash on Hand: $50,434,404
Debts: $15,000,000


Current Occupation: author, motivational speaker

CV: Boston Consulting Group (1975-1976); Bain & Company (1977-1983), CEO (1991-92); co-founder, Bain Capital (1984-1998); CEO, 2002 Winter Olympics Salt Lake City Organizing Committee 1999-2002); governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007)

Business Background: Romney promises to convert government to "the Bain Way"—the situational, data-driven approach that made his venture capital firm, and clients like Domino's Pizza and Staples, a success. More relevant in the current economic client may be Romney's reputation as a turnaround artist: after co-founding Bain Capital, he returned to the company that spawned it, Bain Consulting, as CEO, and within a year pulled it back from bankruptcy. He then performed the same magic for Salt Lake City's corrupt and limping Winter Olympics.


Advocates: balanced budget amendment, repeal of 2010 healthcare act; Social Security reform; military buildup



Twitter: @mittromney

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