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Kirenia Reguera

"I want my daughter to grow up where I did … [but] if I ever want a better future for her, I have to consider the possibility that she may go elsewhere." -Kirenia Reguera

Current Occupation: Seamstress and Entrepreneur / Costume Designer for TV and Film

Previous Occupation: Degree in Economics

Kirenia is one of Havana's top wardrobe designers for television and film. She runs her business out of a tiny back room in her home. Kirenia's nickname is "Queen of the Guayabera" -- a traditional Cuban shirt that takes her roughly 1.5 days to make.

Kirenia assisted with wardrobe for the film, Fast and Furious 8. She also worked on the first Hollywood film to shoot in Cuba since the 1959 revolution: Papa Hemingway.

Marcus' Takeaway: "She will do anything to give … [her daughter] a better life, even if it means leaving Cuba."

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