The Profit in Cuba

Sandra & Tony Camacho Rodriguez

"The reason why I see an opportunity here is because it isn’t easy. If it were easy …you know how many people would have opened a bakery?" -Tony Camacho Rodriguez

Business: Burner Brothers Bakery

Current Occupation: Bakers

Previous Occupation: Dentist (Sandra) and Trained Mechanical Engineer (Tony)

Siblings Tony and Sandra used to bake together when they were kids with their mother and grandmother. They wanted to have a business of their own, so in 2013 they started selling cookies and tarts out of their house. Now they have a retail space, several employees and a catering service. Their kitchen staff includes engineers and lawyers who make more money baking than they did on their government salaries.

Marcus' Takeaway: "People probably think this is just a bakery. … It happens to be a thriving entrepreneurship in the face of very strong headwinds of regulation."

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