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  • RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct 18- The remaining preferred shareholders of Brazil's Vale SA on Wednesday voted to accept a plan obliging them to convert their shares into a single stock class, finalizing a process that is part of the miner's bid to improve corporate governance. According to the company's press office, Vale CEO Fabio Schvartsman said the conversion would...

  • Facebook settles suit over share class structure

    CNBC's Leslie Picker reports that Facebook has settled a lawsuit over planning to issue class-C shares.

  • SAO PAULO, Aug 10- Investors in Brazil's Vale SA have overwhelmingly agreed to swap their preferred stock into common shares, handling the world's No. 1 iron ore producer a victory in a plan that will give equal votes to all shareholders and limit government meddling. Management at the Rio de Janeiro- based behemoth will discuss the matter at several conference...

  • Aug 3- Pipeline operator Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd on Thursday announced a C $200 million preferred share offering for the completion of certain projects and to reduce debt.

  • June 30- Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc will swap its preferred shares in Bank of America Corp into common shares worth about $17 billion, making it the biggest shareholder of lender. Buffett had bought $5 billion of Bank of America preferred stock with a 6 percent dividend, or $300 million annually, in August 2011, when investors worried about the...

  • June 30- Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc said it would exercise its warrants to buy 700 million common shares of Bank of America Corp, making it the largest shareholder of the lender. The conglomerate said it expected to use $5 billion of Bank of America's 6 percent preferred stock that it currently owns to fund the acquisition. Buffett had bought $5...

  • June 30- Berkshire Hathaway Inc said it would swap its preferred shares in Bank of America Corp to buy 700 million common shares, following the bank's plan to raise its dividend. Berkshire expects to use $5 billion of Bank of America's 6 percent preferred stock that it currently owns to fund the acquisition. Bank of America on Wednesday boosted its annual...

  • Cramer: You must focus on these stocks

    CNBC's Jim Cramer calls attention to a group of stocks that are becoming increasingly popular on Wall Street.

  • Why European Firms Should Be Exposed to Asia

    Roger Hirst, director of European equity research at S&P Capital IQ, explains that his European "top 10 power" stocks tend to have exposure to Asian emerging markets, despite expected slower growth in Asia.

  • Three Stocks for Monday

    Jonathan Compton, managing director at Bedlam Asset Management, explains what makes Charter Industries, Rexam and Konami very attractive.

  • Investing in Vietnam

    David Roes, Chief Executive Officer at Asean Investment Management says significant cash allocations to Vietnam aren't about to slow down anytime soon. He also shares his top stock picks with CNBC.

  • Economic Growth In Singapore Poised To Change Dramatically

    James Sullivan, Head of ASEAN / Singapore Research at JP Morgan tells us why Singapore's cap on immigration will effectively hobble the nation's economy.

  • The Apple Store in Los Angeles, California.

    David Einhorn reiterated his arguments that a judge should block a shareholder vote on Apple's proposal to eliminate its ability to issue preferred shares without investor approval.

  • Einhorn vs Apple's Cash Stash

    Dodge Dorland, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer, Landor & Fuest Capital Managers says activist investor David Einhorn has a good point and that Apple is going against its longer term goal to distribute cash back to its shareholders.

  • Getting a Bite of Apple

    Andrew Tonner, Technology and Media Financial Editor at The Motley Fool tells you why Apple is the most misunderstood stock.

  • nyse_trader_write2_200.jpg

    Preferred stocks are a special class of investments that have several unique features. Those features often make them confusing to investors. So what exactly are preferred stocks? CNBC explains.