Sectornomics: Industrials

  • Jim Cramer on "Mad Money."

    Jim Cramer reveals how the Fed's rose-colored glasses could impact your money.

  • A Union Pacific employee closes the entry door on a rail car at the company's facility at the Port of Oakland in Oakland, California.

    Jim Cramer ranks the most investable stocks in the industrial space, which includes railroad operators, manufacturers and aerospace plays.

  • Top performing sectors in the final two months

    According to Kensho, here are the top performing sectors in the final two months of the year in the past ten years.

  • Top performing sectors in November

    Time for your Kensho stat of the day. November tends to be good for stocks. The top performing sectors: industrials, consumer discretionary and financials.

  • Industrials winners & loswers

    CNBC's Susan Li reports on industrial stocks ahead of the election.

  • The safest Q4 bets? Try these industrial names

    CNBC's Morgan Brennan takes a look at industrial names that have historically outperformed in the fourth quarter.

  • Can defense stocks' winning streak keep up?

    With a debt ceiling showdown looming and Dept of Defense spending for fiscal 2016 uncertain, defense stocks could face some turbulence in the short term. Still analysts say multiyear backlogs, international sales and buyback activity are all positives heading into 2016. Several report earnings this week. Can these names defend their gains?

  • Taking stocks of transports

    Transports have had a really rough year, with the Dow Transports down more than 11 percent. What does it say about the economy – and are there buying opportunities amid the broader selloff?

  • Industrials and emerging markets

    Many industrial names are influenced by global growth, particularly in emerging markets. Morgan Brennan breaks down the industrial companies with large EM exposure and it means for the stocks as earnings season gets underway.

  • GE lab demo

    The industrial Internet is using software to help streamline the lives of businesses. GE is one of the major firms looking to benefit.

  • Apple Carplay

    Apple building a car may seem nuts. Or is it inevitable? Here are the 10 best reasons for and against the tech giant's move into autos.

  • Composite Horizons, provider of advanced aerospace composites

    The industrial sector may be full of slow growers, but it's added more dividend-paying companies over the past decade than any other sector.

  • With GE leading the way, the Internet of Things has experts giddy about what it could do not only for the global economy but for industrial stocks.

  • As the U.S. economy picks up momentum, so are industrial stocks. The recent dip in the market makes this an opportunity for savvy investors.

  • Airline stocks, typically considered terrible investments, have taken off, and analysts say there is still lift in the sector for investors.


  • The big bright spot in the materials sector

    Metals and mining companies have taken a beating in 2015 but building-related names and chemicals producers have had a great year. What's driving these stocks higher? Will it continue in 2016?

  • Materials and China

    Materials tend to be closely correlated with China, the top consumer for many commodities and chemicals. We crunched the numbers with Kensho to see how materials perform when there are signs of weakness in the world’s second largest economy.

  • Materials in the new year

    History shows that this sector tends to rally in the fourth quarter - and indeed materials have gained 10% this time as well. But how do these stocks fare once a new calendar year starts?

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