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Sophia Yan

Former Beijing Correspondent, CNBC

Sophia Yan was a CNBC correspondent based in Beijing. Sophia covered Greater China and Asia, focusing on topics from technology to economy.

Prior to CNBC, Yan was the Asia Business Reporter with CNNMoney in Hong Kong, where she covered major financial and economic news across Asia. Yan specializes in reporting unique cultural and consumer angles that illustrate the growth of the Chinese economy and examines what the rise of China means for the rest of the world. She has covered the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong in 2014, the increasing trend of wealthy Chinese entering global immigrant investor programs and the booming "birth tourism" industry, which caters to Chinese who want to give birth in the U.S. to secure American passports for their children.

Yan has also covered news, politics, regulation and business for Bloomberg News and Time magazine, based in Hong Kong and Washington, D.C., where she broke market-moving scoops, obtained exclusive interviews and produced features.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Music from Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music, and is fluent in Mandarin.