The Pitch

  • Yarly photo scanning and sharing service.

    In the age of the selfie, a new start-up offers to turn overwhelming photo collections into tangible memories.

  • The Pitch: A start-up to manage memories

    Allison Strouse, CEO of Yarly Photo Management, pitches her company to investor and Shark Tank regular Kevin O'Leary

  • Zirtual

    Zirtual connects people to a virtual assistant overseas that helps with their daily tasks for a monthly rate.

  • Personal assistants for the 99%

    Zirtual founder & CEO Maren Donovan gives her best elevator pitch to real estate mogul and "Shark Tank" regular, Barbara Corcoran. Zirtual provides dedicated virtual personal assistants for entrepreneurs and business people in the U.S.

  • Doughbies’ Chocolate Chunk with Sea Salt cookies.

    This start-up wants to be the Uber for cookies. But is being the culinary equivalent of hugs from mom a smart business model?

  • A startup hoping to roll in the dough

    Doughbies cofounder Daniel Conway was recently given 30 seconds to pitch his company to millionaire investor, Barbara Corcoran who in turn had no idea who she was meeting.

  • Klink screen shots

    When you run dry, the app Klink allows you to order up beer, wine and spirits delivered to your door—in an hour.

  • A startup to get buzzed about

    Klink co-founder Jeffrey Nadel was recently given 30 seconds to pitch his company to millionaire investor, Kevin O'Leary, who had no idea who he was meeting.

  • Bounce Back Box displayed.

    Can making money off of others' heartbreak be a viable business? An entrepreneur pitches her business to an investor.

  • One start-up is cashing in on your break-ups

    Annabel Action, founder and CEO of the breakup website "Never Liked It Anyway," has been given 30 seconds to blind pitch her company to feisty millionaire investor, Barbara Corcoran.

  • Wealthy couple in limosine

    This start-up is selling a new guilt-free entertainment option for women: male arm candy for special events or just help around the house.

  • Need a man? This start-up lets you rent one

    An entrepreneur walks on to an elevator and has thirty seconds to make a blind pitch. Little do they know, they will be getting face time with a superstar high-profile investor, who has no idea who they will be meeting either.

  • Allan Shoemake and Kevin O'Leary snap a selfie using the LuMee light-up cell phone case

    Entrepreneur Allan Shoemake claims to have created a smartphone case for the selfie generation that can make users flawless—in a snap.

  • This start will make you love your selfie

    Allan Shoemake, founder of smartphone case-maker LuMee, has 30 seconds to pitch his bright idea to "Shark Tank"'s Kevin O'Leary.

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