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Motorized Chair Formerly Known as La-Z-Boy Sells for $11,000

What’s in a name?


They found out in Proctor, Minn., this week.

A motorized recliner chair that was seized by police after its owner was busted for drunk driving sold for just $10,099.99on eBay after La-Z-Boy made them stop calling it a motorized La-Z-Boy.

(Read the story about theflap with La-Z-Boy and the post about the original auction.)

With the La-Z-Boy name, bidding in the first auction had topped $43,000.

The proceeds are going to the Proctor police department, which has been hard hit by budget cuts.

The headline on the Proctor Journal story sums up the town’s response: “La-Z-Boy costs Proctor $33,000.”

Oh, and the cushion for the chair that's being auctioned separately by its former owner who conveniently lost it when police arrived? Yeah, bidding is up to $1,000. That auction expires at 7:30pm tonight.

Only in Proctor, kids. Only in Proctor.

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