Get a jump start on New Year's resolutions: Healthy gifts for the holidays

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The holiday season is known for its ample, annual helping of Christmas cookies, pumpkin lattes and pecan pies.

But the end of the year also means the start to a new one, when many individuals look to set healthy resolutions. Whether you're planning to eat healthier, hit the gym more often, try a new fitness routine or focus on your mental health, retailers offer a slew of gifts to get those goals off to a good start.

For more inspiration, here's a list of healthy, holiday gift ideas at every budget.

Get a smooth start to your day

Source: Target

Give the gift of on-the-go nutrition with this easy-to-operate smoothie maker. The single-serve blender can whip up your favorite protein shake or blended coffee beverage in a pinch. The drinks are mixed right into a reusable bottle, and you only need change out the blender blade for a drinking lid before using. And for those "cheat days," this blender could easily churn your favorite milkshake.

Price: $18
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Keep the music flowing during workouts

Source: Fitbit

Fitbit's wireless headphones might come with a steep price tag, but the quality of sound is superb, and they're designed with your workout in mind. Known as Flyer, these headphones are sweatproof and built to stay secure around your ears, no matter the movement. Using Bluetooth, these headphones can connect to a Fitbit device, smartphone or computer. Keep the beats rolling, hands-free.

Price: $130
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Fuel up like a marathon champ

Source: Amazon

Now you can eat like a marathon champion. Shalane Flanagan, the first American woman to win the New York City Marathon in 40 years, partnered with chef Elyse Kopecky to create this cookbook. Here you'll find the satisfying meals that kept her body full and mind focused while training. According to Flanagan, favorite recipes include her Can't Beet Me Smoothie, Arugula Cashew Pesto and Double Chocolate Teff Cookies.

Price: $25
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Stay hydrated

Source: Target

These bottles are everywhere. The creators of S'well set out with creative design in mind, aiming to create a product that would maintain a beverage's temperature — no matter how hot or cold — for hours. S'ip does exactly that, making it the perfect companion at the gym or office.

Price: $24
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Take the gym with you when you travel

Source: Nordstrom

This gift is for the so-called gym bunny who is always traveling. With this kit you don't need a gym. Nordstrom's Flight 001 fitness kit includes an on-the-go exercise booklet, one jump rope, three resistance bands and a backpack to keep all the items contained. No gym, no excuses.

Price: $40
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Eat your veggies!

Source: Amazon

A salad spinner? This device might sound useless to some, but if you find yourself eating multiple salads per week, the investment will quickly pay off. Cuisinart's version comes in bright colors and also allows you to drain excess liquids from your salad without removing the lid. A removable clear base can also be used as a serving bowl, with the finished product. It will be easy to remember to eat your veggies when you have a salad spinner in the kitchen.

Price: $32
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Smooth running

Source: Brooks Running

Brooks Running has crafted the perfect shoe for men and women who love to run. The Ghost model, now in its 10th edition, has a plush bottom with a medium-high arch for support. The shoe promises the smoothest run possible, and it sells in a handful of colorful options.

Price: $120
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Don't forget to meditate

Source: Athleta

Physical health is important, yes, but equally — if not more — important is your mental health, which can be kept in balance with frequent meditation. Gap's Athleta this holiday season is selling a meditation kit, which includes a plush pillow and eye mask. The set is small enough to stash at the office for a quick break during a stressful day, or to tote along on a trip.

Price: $98
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Yoga for him

Source: Lululemon

Yoga isn't only for her. Athletic apparel brand Lululemon sells a yoga starter kit that's just right for men who want to start their own yoga practice. The gift includes a black mat, over-the-shoulder bag and water bottle. Like meditation, yoga can be another stress-reliever that isn't as hard on your body as running or biking.

Price: $144
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