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CNBC's Talent@Work live: Today's Leading Voices on the Future of Work

CNBC's Tyler Mathisen speaking at the Talent@Work conference in New York on June 20th, 2018.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are reimagining today's workplace and leading to big shifts in the workforce of tomorrow. CNBC's @Work is a three-part event series that examines the impact of new technology on three different disciplines — human resources, IT and finance.

The first event in the series, Talent@Work, presented by CNBC on June 20 in New York, tasked leading CEOs and CHROs to reveal how they navigate the mounting changes affecting the way we work.

Speakers included Ryan Roslansky, the SVP of Product at LinkedIn; Bo Young Lee, the first-ever diversity and inclusion officer at Uber; Chieh Huang, the Boxed CEO that automated his workforce while keeping everyone employed; and Joey Levin, the CEO of IAC, the parent company for more than 150 digital brands, including and Vimeo.

Watch the video highlights to discover how leaders are reimagining the employee workplace experience.

LinkedIn's SVP of Product on Game-Changing Talent Trends

Innovation drives disruption but also presents tremendous opportunity. LinkedIn's global head of product, Ryan Roslansky, reveals how today's savviest leaders craft a winning talent offense and how data-driven insights will power the workforce decisions of tomorrow.

The Equality Equation in the Workplace and the Bottom Line

No longer can organizations simply talk about the need for greater diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives. Idle debate is out. Urgent calls for change — for results, not rhetoric — is in. In what ways can companies embrace this moment to improve the workplace … and their bottom line? Morgan Brennan moderates a panel of experts on the subject, including Ellen Kullman of Paradigm for Parity, Joelle Emerson of Paradigm, Wanda Bryant Hope of Johnson & Johnson and Bo Young Lee of Uber.

LinkedIn's SVP of Product on Game-Changing Talent TrendsBoxed CEO on the Retail-Grocery-Tech Collision

AI and automation adoption often raise fears of a dystopian future, where machines displace, well, all of us. Hear how Boxed CEO Chieh Huang flipped the script to create a workplace where humans and robots work hand in (mechanical) hand.

Competitive (Machine) Edge: Can AI Hire Smarter?

Humans are inherently biased. Machines hold the power to help cover these blind spots, but does artificial intelligence have blind spots of its own? Jon Fortt talked to two leaders in AI-assisted recruiting — Iba Masood, co-founder and CEO of TARA AI; and Frida Polli, founder and CEO of pymetrics — to discuss how top organizations can widen the recruitment pool to find and retain top-quality talent.

Inside the Corner Office: Where business and talent strategy meet

The recipe is simple: Success happens where business and talent strategy work in concert. From building teams for a company's unique operational needs to addressing corporate culture challenges, IAC CEO Joey Levin manages a portfolio of diverse organizations to drive performance and growth. Learn how in his interview with Suzy Welch.