Technology risk: Companies can no longer afford to shut public out of the big decisions

artificial intelligence
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Through the lens of technology, the world is on fire.

5G networks, sensors and artificial intelligence bring the potential for ubiquitous connectivity, constant data collection and instant analysis. Cloud computing enables rapid, efficient business growth. Meanwhile, governments and consumers are just beginning to confront new dangers in a world awash in data. Who will protect personal information, and who will make sure artificial intelligence respects privacy and avoids bias?

Every company in this environment feels pressure to transform its model — and to explain its choices.

More than ever, the challenge falls to technology leaders to lead both a digital reinvention and a global conversation. With that as a backdrop, CNBC has convened the Technology Executive Council. The council includes top-tier chief information officers, chief technology officers, chief digital officers, chief security officers and senior technology decision makers. They hail from corporations — public and private — as well as nonprofits and government entities. We believe that the best solutions will arise from assembling experts across industries and sectors to inform each other and engage the public.

The Technology Executive Council will play a growing role in framing the conversation on CNBC and Through interviews, surveys, case studies and commentaries, the council will deliver unprecedented analysis and insight into today's most pressing tech issues.