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  • Depressed businessman

    They may get paid a ton, but they also take a beating. We profile 11 CEOs on the hot seat and reveal the valuable lessons they learned.

  • Warren Buffett, left, and his eldest son, Howard G. Buffett

    In family business succession planning, the biggest mistake is assuming a child is the right person for the job. They often aren't.

  • The Uber app on a mobile phone

    There are opportunities for entrepreneurs to join Uber and other on-demand platforms and offer services, but are the high fees worth it?

  • Businesswoman entrepreneur

    More finance options and an improving economy have helped women biz owners raise bank loans. Approval rates are up as credit scores improve.

  • Girls Inc

    Only 12% of US computer science jobs are held by women. With girls making up the majority of tomorrow's workforce, change is essential.

  • NY Junior Tennis & Learning

    Summer camps have long been about adventure, discovery and fun. Here are some that will put young girls on the fast track to success.

  • Distracted woman working from home

    Many companies are bringing employees back in-house, believing higher productivity and better ideas come from working side by side.

  • Meg Whitman, CEO, Hewlett-Packard

    The share of jobs held by women in the C-suite is 25%, Catalyst reports. To get ahead, women need to aggressively market themselves.

  • Dollars cash

    Private firms don't face activist shareholders' wrath, but that's not a good thing. It can lead to laziness and wipe out company wealth.

  • Fadi Ghandour listens to two children on the “dream path” at Ruwwad. As part of the programs at the center, children were invited to create artwork that expressed their dreams and fears.

    Aramex's founder Fadi Ghandour is opening community centers throughout the Middle East to build a stronger civil society in the war-torn region.

  • Businesswoman in office

    Perhaps the biggest risk businesses face is the failure to build strong female talent pipelines, research shows.

  • Team meeting in office

    If you can’t tell a good story, you can’t be a good leader. Period. Founders of companies need to learn the art of the corporate narrative.

  • Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, left, speaks with French President Francois Hollande before a meeting as part of the European Council Summit at the European Union Headquarters in Brussels, Feb. 12, 2015.

    Is new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Europe's last revolutionary? His principled rebellion is a unique leadership-under-fire strategy.

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