It’s safe to buy a new Mac or iPad again

  • Now that Apple has new iMacs and MacBooks, you can safely buy one without worrying about a new model coming out soon.
  • Apple has its new iPads available, too.

Over the past couple of months we've issued a couple of warnings against Apple products.

It wasn't a good time to buy a new MacBook or MacBook Pro recently, for example. It also wasn't a good idea to buy a new iPad Pro. Now that Apple has just refreshed all of its products, however, you're safe to do so without having to fear a better model will launch soon.

In case you missed the news, Apple refreshed its iMac computers last week, introduced a new iMac Pro, and refreshed its MacBook and MacBook Pro computers with the latest seventh-generation processors from Intel.

Apple also added a new processor and a better screen to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and launched a brand new 10.5-inch iPad Pro that replaces last year's 9.7-inch iPad Pro model. It doesn't appear there will be a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro anytime soon, since Apple is now using that form factor for its most affordable iPad, which doesn't support Apple Pencil input.

We don't expect Apple to introduce any additional new iPads soon. The same goes for Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro family, since we think it would have introduced any new hardware during its WWDC event last week.

All of Apple's new Macs and iPads are available to order now. Students may want to hold off just a hair longer if they want to see what Apple includes in its back-to-school sale later this summer, but know that you're safe buying the latest machines.

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