American Greed American Greed: Season 1

  • In the first case, we examine the story of Barry Hunt, a successful con artist who left a coast-to-coast trail of deception, deceit and empty bank accounts. Also in this episode, two paintings by famed American Artist Maxfield Parrish disappear into the night.

  • Dr. Gerald Barnes has a thriving practice. He specializes in "executive" medical exams. His salary is six-figures and life is good. But there's a problem: he's not the real Dr. Gerald Barnes. In Case #2, the story of The Interstate Bank Mart Bandit... he leaves no clues behind, only a trail of broken dreams and empty bank accounts

  • First, a museum quality art collection worth more than $4 million dollars is stolen! Then a doctor that takes advantage of desperate patients and sticks insurance companies for millions.

  • A new crime wave is rippling across the west -– thieves are committing identity theft to fund their meth drug addictions. Also, a serial bank robber strikes Chicago's western suburbs.

  • The Baptist Foundation of Arizona’s mission ends in scandal, with millions invested and then lost. Then, the story of a murderous Chicago doctor who bilked Medicare for more than a million!

  • First, a profile of one of the most lucrative pyramid schemes in history, in which church founder Gerald Payne has a plan for the faithful to gift the church and double their money. Then in Case #2 By day, he's a property manager -- by night, a cat burglar who executed some of the most daring jewel heists in American history!

  • The Art - Exhibit 3A

    It's a daring heist. In a West Hollywood Gallery two paintings valued at $4 million vanish. Can police recover the artwork? Click to find out.

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