Agriculture Rough Rice Commodity Market Trades, Charts

  • *Philippine demand could underpin Vietnam, Thailand prices. MANILA, Jan 22- Rice traders in the Philippines are set to import about 1.2 million tonnes of the staple food, a state grains agency spokeswoman told Reuters on Tuesday, as the Southeast Asian country lifts a two-decade-old cap on purchases. Bigger rice purchases by the Philippines, already one of the...

  • HAMBURG, Nov 8- The Philippines' National Food Authority has issued a new international tender to state-owned agencies only to purchase up to 203,000 tonnes of rice, European traders said on Thursday. The new tender continues a recent surge in rice purchasing by the Philippines. A previous tender from the Philippines issued to state sellers only ended without...

  • CAIRO, Oct 15- Egypt, the world's largest wheat importer, is studying the possibility of hedging against the rise in global prices of the grain, Supply Minister Ali Moselhy said on Monday. Moselhy also said Egypt would need around 400,000 to 500,000 tonnes of rice imports but that the ministry was still evaluating its needs and would not import from only one origin.

  • BANGKOK, Sept 26- Thailand's government on Wednesday said it had sold 100,000 tonnes of rice to China, the first such sale since March. Thailand had previously supplied 500,000 tonnes of rice to China as part of a pledged government-to-government deal for 1 million tonnes of the grain struck in 2015.. "This is also a positive sign that the Chinese market's demand...

  • Could see $50 million to $60 million of loss from Harvey: US Rice Producers Association

    Dwight Roberts, U.S. Rice Producers Association, discusses the potential impact on Texas rice farmers from Hurricane Harvey.

  • UN warns North Korea food supply could get even tigher

    The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization says the country's already-low food supply is set to deteriorate this year.

  • Rice breeders create more productive rice

    Scientists have made major strides towards creating new breeds of rice that could be more sustainable, as well as more resilient to environmental stresses.

  • Are US, Japan making progress on TPP?

    Deborah Kay Elms, executive director of the Asian Trade Centre, discusses the progress of negotiations between Japan and the U.S. on two issues - cars and agriculture.

  • Rice protein taste test

    Jane Wells does a taste test of a smoothie with rice protein made by Axiom Foods. With her is CEO David Janow.

  • Rice is the new meat

    Americans are increasingly looking to add more protein to their diets, and rice protein is seen as an attractive alternative. Jane Wells speaks to the CEO of Axiom, the largest producer of plant-based proteins in the U.S.

  • Yen weakness is driving up the cost of Japan's food imports, but analysts say pinched pocketbooks won't slow consumers' taste for meals from overseas.

  • Rice harvest in the Sacramento Valley, Calif.

    The ongoing drought in California is cutting back the state's rice crop. It's gotten so bad, one rice farmer said they might have to sell the land.

  • In two weeks, Girl Scouts will descend upon supermarkets and businesses to peddle boxes of cookies, tempting people with a new gluten-free cookie.

  • The FDA said, after testing 1,300 samples of rice and rice products, that the amount of detectable arsenic is too low to cause immediate or short-term negative health effects.

  • Thailand is set to sell half-a-million tons of rice on world markets at a loss, as it scrambles to offload a record stockpile deteriorating in quality in warehouses filled with grain.

  • The Crop No One Is Talking About: Rice

    Jim Bower, Bower Trading, discusses the impact the big Midwest drought is having on rice. "We think there is potentially there down the road in the rice market," he says.

  • japan-farmer_200.jpg

    Record high prices of corn and soybean brought on by the worst U.S. drought in 56 years may be triggering a sense of de ja vu for Asia concerned about a repeat of the food scare in 2008, but most economists are downplaying those fears, for now.

  • Soft Commodities to See Further Buying Activity

    Jonathan Barratt, Founder of Barratt's Bulletin says the volatility and one-way direction in soft commodity prices will spur more buying activity. He thinks potential limits by futures exchanges could stem further moves to the upside.

  • ETF-commodities-lead-bear.jpg

    With commodities enjoying a robust start to 2012, some traders are concerned that crude oil and other hard assets are ripe for a fall.

  • In spite of the Thai government's warning that the world's largest exporter of rice could lose as much as a quarter of its crop because of the floods, analysts tell CNBC the potential shortfall is unlikely to impact prices.