Helen Zhao: CNBC Make It Associate Producer

Hi, I'm Helen Zhao, and I'm an associate video producer here at CNBC Make It.

Everyday, I shoot and edit videos on some of the most exciting entrepreneurs and money trends - from interviewing celebrities to documenting how Millennials around the country are earning and spending their money.

But my journey to my dream job really started with the Business News Associate Workshop at the AAJA Convention in 2016.

I applied for this workshop because I knew I wanted to be a business news journalist in one of the most multi-faceted environments possible, where my career could potentially go in so many different directions. And the workshop definitely gave me a window into that.

"So, the workshop itself was so dynamic and interactive with this electrifying energy because you're meeting with some of CNBC's top producers, reporters, editors and anchors, and they're guiding you on how to think critically about a news event from multiple different angles and from a business perspective."

I was chosen from this workshop to be a part of CNBC's rotating news associates program, and that's how I got to where I am now.

The best part about the program is it allows you to choose your own adventure and carve your own path to your dream job.