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Tell us what you think: Which tech giant will be worth $1 trillion first?

Key Points
  • Tech giant Apple will report quarterly earnings on Tuesday U.S. time.
  • The iPhone maker had a market value of $938.7 billion as of Friday.
  • Other U.S. tech giants, including Amazon and Google parent Alphabet, are also close to the $1 trillion mark.

The race to $1 trillion in market value is back in the spotlight in the lead-up to Apple reporting quarterly corporate earnings on Tuesday.

The California-based company had a market capitalization of $938.7 billion as of Friday and earnings could prove to be an impetus for a move higher for the iPhone maker's stock. Some think the tech company will be the first publicly listed U.S. firm to hit the mark.

Although Apple was the closest to the $1 trillion figure at the end of Friday, several other tech giants stateside are not far behind.

Amazon, which last week reported second-quarter earnings that were more than twice expectations, is worth about $880 billion. The technology company was picked as the firm that would reach the milestone first in a survey of institutional investors conducted earlier this month.

Google parent Alphabet, meanwhile, is worth around $870 billion.