24. South Dakota

Low costs and friendly regulations are monumental in the Mount Rushmore State, but worker shortages hamper growth.

George Kavallines | CNBC
2017 Rank
2016 Rank
Workforce 224 39 (Tie) 32
Infrastructure 163 37 28
Cost of Doing Business 222 14 4
Economy 176 22 (Tie) 33
Quality of Life 201 14 (Tie) 14
Technology & Innovation 68 41 (Tie) 44 (Tie)
Education 111 25 (Tie) 21 (Tie)
Business Friendliness 137 2 2
Access to Capital 30 34 32
Cost of Living 17 34 (Tie) 20
Overall 1349 24 19

Economic Profile

Governor: Dennis Daugaard, Republican

Population: 865,454

GDP growth (Q4 2016): 1.1 percent

Unemployment rate (May 2017): 2.9 percent

Top corporate tax rate: 0 percent

Top individual income tax rate: 0 percent

Gasoline tax: 30 cents/gallon

Bond rating/outlook (Moody's, S&P): Aaa, AAA stable

Major private employers: Avera Health, Black Hills Corporation

Economic profile sources: U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federation of Tax Administrators, American Petroleum Institute (excluding 18.40 cent/gallon federal tax), Moody's Investor Service, S&P Global Market Intelligence

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