45. Rhode Island

The Ocean State has lifted itself off the bottom with pro-growth policies, but infrastructure remains in the depths.

George Kavallines | CNBC
2017 Rank
2016 Rank
Workforce 271 27 23 (Tie)
Infrastructure 95 50 50
Cost of Doing Business 95 43 (Tie) 45
Economy 150 29 (Tie) 45
Quality of Life 142 31 (Tie) 24
Technology & Innovation 100 34 35
Education 117 20 (Tie) 20
Business Friendliness 53 37 (Tie) 39
Access to Capital 20 44 (Tie) 45
Cost of Living 9 42 43
Overall 1052 45 50

Economic Profile

Governor: Gina Raimondo, Democrat

Population: 1,056,426

GDP growth (Q4 2016): 1.6 percent

Unemployment rate (May 2017): 4.1 percent

Top corporate tax rate: 7.0 percent

Top individual income tax rate: 5.99 percent

Gasoline tax: 34 cents/gallon

Bond rating/outlook (Moody's, S&P): Aa2, AA stable

Major private employers: Lifespan, CVS Health

Economic profile sources: U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federation of Tax Administrators, American Petroleum Institute (excluding 18.40 cent/gallon federal tax), Moody's Investor Service, S&P Global Market Intelligence

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