Finding Your Niche Advisor


  • Elderly woman with younger woman

    More boomers caring for aging parents are seeking help from the limited numbers of financial advisors fluent in elder-care issues.

  • Financial advisor specialists who truly understand the circumstances of clients with unique needs or interests can offer tremendous value.

  • Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees speaks to the media following his last career game at Fenway Park on September 28, 2014 in Boston.

    Some financial advisors weigh in on what they think New York Yankees Derek Jeter should do next as he enters retirement.

  • Financial advisors who opt to target client segments with whom they closely identify are finding fulfillment and profit in their endeavours.

  • The rise of the modern sports industry could be the reason why many pro athletes find themselves in financial turmoil.

  • Businessman magnifying glass

    Most advisors are generalists, but some take advice to the next level by focusing on specific niches, such as doctors or gay couples.

  • Businessman with binoculars

    Advisors focused on Gen X and Gen Y clients are blazing trails, creating new fee and service models to serve this large demographic.

  • Advisors focusing on women clients only are seeing big returns, as studies show a growing number of females beginning to outearn men.

  • Muslim financial advisors are tapping into the U.S. Islamic finance market by helping clients invest in religiously suitable ways.

  • Generalists are feeling pressure to specialize as studies reveal exponential growth rates for advisors offering more personalized services.

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