22. Hexadite

Founders: Eran Barak, Barak Klinghofer (chief product officer), Idan Levin (CTO)
Headquarters: Boston
Funding: $10.5 million

Eran Barak, co-founder and CEO of Hexadite
Source: Hexadite
Eran Barak, co-founder and CEO of Hexadite

The three founders of Hexadite, a Boston-based cybersecurity firm, have backgrounds in investigating and mitigating attacks for military intelligence units and global defense companies. They knew that these same kinds of automated cyberattacks were plaguing a wide variety of companies, leaving them unprepared when responding to a breach or, worse, preventing a future attack.

Hexadite uses artificial intelligence to investigate and remediate every alert a company receives, claiming it can resolve incidents in seconds, freeing up a company's response team to focus on threats that truly need their expertise. Hexadite's Automated Incident Response Solution platform can integrate with customers' existing security technologies and can cut response time by 95 percent, the company says.

Co-founder and CEO Eran Barak spent five years in an elite intelligence unit of the Israel Defense Forces before starting Hexadite in 2014 and was also head of Elbit Systems' cybertraining and simulation team. Late last year the company formed an alliance with other cybersecurity companies across the country, including Carbon Black, Check Point Software Technologies and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, to better integrate their products and automate important security processes.

The goal of the alliance, explains Barak, is to utilize software to lighten the workload of security teams so that they can focus their time on the most dangerous and complex threats. The company has raised $10.5 million in funding from investors, including Hewlett Packard Ventures and TenEleven Ventures.

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