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Kanye West beat the market by more than 40 percent

Key Points
  • Last Christmas, West surprised Kardashian with shares of Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Adidas and Disney.
  • Netflix and Amazon are Kardashian's best-performing holdings, up 90 percent and 50 percent, respectively.
  • Apple, Adidas and even Disney are also performing respectably.
Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian stocks for Christmas

Kanye West may be a great performer, but can he also pick high-performing stocks?

It turns out that the rapper may have a future in finance. According to CNBC's analysis, the portfolio that West chose for his wife, entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, outperformed the by more than 40 percent.

Last Christmas, West surprised Kardashian with shares of Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Adidas and Disney. If the celebrity held on to her positions, she could be seeing massive gains. (Calculations for price return do not include dividends. Prices were taken from market open on December 26, 2017 to market close on July 26, 2018.)

Netflix is the crown

Up more than 90 percent, the streaming giant is West's highest-earning pick.

Since Christmas, Netflix beat out HBO in Emmy nominations, ending its rival's 17-year streak. It also struck a multiyear deal with President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama to produce series and features.

That said, it hasn't been all smooth sailing for this FAANG stock. Last week, shares plummeted more than 14 percent on news that Netflix missed its subscriber addition projections for the first time in five quarters. Even so, Kardashian is sitting pretty with her impressive return.

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Amazon stock is prime

The e-commerce giant has soared more than 50 percent since the holidays last winter. Just last week, Amazon announced that 2018's Prime Day was its "biggest in history," as Prime members purchased more than 100 million goods during the event.

But the company has faced setbacks, too. Shares fell off session highs after its website suffered glitches at the start of Prime Day. If Kardashian held her position of Amazon despite the Prime Day dip, she could be celebrating Christmas in July.

Apple's looking delicious

The tech giant has shot up almost 14 percent since the stock appeared under Kardashian's tree. Since then, the company signed a multiyear deal with world-famous personality, producer and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey to create original content. It also released its HomePod smart speaker in February.

Despite Apple selling fewer iPhones than expected in May, Kardashian could be earning a substantial return if she resisted taking a bite out of her position.

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Adidas — nothing to run from

German sportswear firm Adidas is another gem in the star's portfolio. Recently, the company represented 12 teams in the FIFA World Cup but faced a website breach in June.

If Kardashian curbed temptation to run from Adidas, she would have earned a 7 percent price return on this stock.

Disney – don't let it go

Mickey Mouse's parent company may be the weakest link of Kardashian's portfolio but at an increase of 4 percent since Christmas, it's still in the green.

In June, the company won the U.S. antitrust approval to buy most of 21st Century Fox's assets for $71.3 billion — on the condition that it sell 22 regional sports networks.

Kardashian's December 26 Instagram story revealed that she was given 920 shares of the company. If she sold her Disney equity today, she would earn more than $3,800 – although this may not be much to a celebrity who is reportedly worth $350 million.

Between Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Adidas and Disney, one thing is for sure: West's stock picks are soaring north. Is your portfolio keeping up with Kanye's picks?