Lars Machenil, BNP Paribas

Lars Machenil is chief financial officer for BNP Paribas.

Since 2003 he held several Board and Executive roles for Finance in the Benelux, Turkey and Poland. These roles covered functions such as accounting, Performance management, M&A and structuring.

As of 2002 Lars was Managing Director at MeesPierson Private Bank and Trust, member of the overall management team. Responsibilities covered risk, finance, operations, IT and business development. Lars joined the Private Bank of Fortis in 2000 in charge of marketing, business development & e-commerce.

Before joining Fortis, Lars worked for 3 years with McKinsey in Venezuela, Italy and Brussels mainly focusing on Banking and Wireless Communications.

Lars started his professional career with Procter & Gamble among others focusing on supply chain management.

Lars holds a PhD in nuclear science and an engineering degree in electrotechnics.