The Engine

  • History of ... the engine

    This year F1 engines will undergo some of the biggest changes in over 20 years. CNBC takes a closer look at the F1 engine through the ages, from the Italian domination of the 1950s to Renault's turbo-charged engine in the 80s.

  • Spotlight on ... the engineers

    Who are the people behind some of the fastest cars on earth? CNBC visits Renault's F1 factory in Viry-Chatillon, France, to meet two young, passionate engineers.

  • Leader interview - Rob White

    "F1 has never been static" Rob White, deputy managing director for technical at Renault Sport F1, tells CNBC as the team works on developing a new engine.

  • My moment #1

    "What a thrill!" Lord March from the Goodwood estate and Sir Jackie Stewart, F1 Legend describe their favourite F1 moment.

  • Let's break it down: The Engine

    F1 is "entering a new era" explains F1 Expert, Marc Priestley, as new rules require teams to use 1.6 litre engines. Here's how the teams are reconciling great speed with less fuel.

  • Tactics challenge

    CNBC talks to F1 journalists and enthusiasts about the new rules and changes in the engine which lead to - among other things - a quieter sound from the cars.

  • My moment #2

    Ed McDonough, motoring journalist and Alistair Davidson, F1 car owner, talk to CNBC about the experiences they've had thanks to F1.

  • F1 to your car

    Think your car is miles away from an F1 car? Think again! CNBC investigates how innovation and technology in F1 help out normal car's engines

  • Behind the numbers

    How far can a F1 2014 engine go? How heavy and loud are the new engines? Check out these mind-blowing numbers.

About The Engine

  • In episode 1 we find out how engine innovations from the racetrack have ended up in road cars, and meet some leaders in the sport to find out what makes them tick.


  • Torie is a presenter and lifestyle reporter who is guest presenter for One Second in... F1 Racing.


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