The Fuel

  • The history of fuel

    From highly volatile mixtures of fuel to petrol and pit stops and the new fuel rules, CNBC retraces the major steps in F1 fuel consumption.

  • Spotlight on fuel

    CNBC visits Total F1 to understand how F1 fuel is created, blended and why it's the "major key" teams can play with to improve their performance.

  • Leadership: Istvan Kapitani

    Ferrari F1 and Shell have a "shared passion for innovation" Istvan Kapitani, executive vice president of retail at Shell tells CNBC. He explains how together they get the most out of every engine with fuel.

  • My moment

    Alexander Rossi, test driver for Caterham F1, moved from the U.S. to Europe to pursue his dream of becoming an F1 driver. He discusses going back home to race on his native soil, which remains his most cherished memory.

  • Let's break it down

    F1 teams and their fuel partners put a lot of time and effort into tailoring the chemical composition of the fuel they'll use, Marc Priestley, F1 expert explains the technicalities.

  • Tactical challenge

    Can F1 and fuel economy go together? Our experts discuss what the new fuel efficiency rules mean for the sport.

  • F1 to your car

    The new F1 limits on fuel have put fuel efficiency and hybrid power units in the spotlight. CNBC takes a look at the technology involved.

  • Beyond the numbers

    What is the difference between F1 fuel and road fuel? How much fuel does each team consume in one season? CNBC compiles the numbers.


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