• History of...aerodynamics

    CNBC takes a look at the aerodynamic revolution in F1, with car designs continually pushing the boundaries.

  • Spotlight design

    The brains behind the Red Bull team tell CNBC how they make cars aerodynamic through design.

  • Leader interview - Mark Gallagher

    "Talent alone very seldom gets you to top of the sport," says Mark Gallagher, former head of Cosworth F1, as he talks about the importance of sponsorship as well as new aerodynamic rules.

  • My Moment #1

    Stoffel Vandoorne, MacLaren F1 driver, recalls a "massive" experience of his driving career.

  • Let's break it down: Aerodynamics

    A car's design is closely linked to its speed. An F1 expert runs through how the shape of a car interacts with the air and assists racing drivers.

  • Tactics challenge

    What are the challenges of the new F1 aerodynamic rules for designers? Experts explain how they work and the tactics teams are adopting.

  • My moment #2

    Mark Gallagher, former head at Cosworth F1, tells CNBC about his unexpected race with three-times F1 world champion, Ayrton Senna.

  • From F1 ... to your car?

    CNBC's Torie Campbell gets behind the wheel of a Nissan GTR. What's so special about the car's design?

  • Behind the numbers

    How much does it cost to hire a wind tunnel for a month? What is the cornering force on an F1 car? CNBC does some number crunching.

About Aerodynamics

  • Power without control is nothing. Find out how aerodynamic design in F1 harnesses the awesome power of an engine and converts it into a winning machine.


  • Torie is a presenter and lifestyle reporter who is guest presenter for One Second in... F1 Racing.

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