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  • Leadership: Jean Todt

    FIA President Jean Todt discusses his start with the Ferarri team and the current problems facing F1.

  • Are F1 engines too quiet?

    F1 experts discuss whether the quieter engine sounds are making the sport less attractive.

  • F1 to your car

    CNBC looks at how the computer systems in F1 cars have made their way into regular vehicles.

  • Spotlight behind the scenes

    What goes on behind the F1 scenes? CNBC takes a look.

  • Behind the numbers

    How much weight does a driver lose in a race? What is the fastest pit stop time in F1 history? CNBC takes a look behind the numbers.

  • My moment #1

    F1 Legend Jackie Stewart describes the first time he ever drove a single seater car, calling it a "typhoon".

  • The history of the F1 car technology

    From the addition of wings to live streaming of data from the car to pit, CNBC looks at the history of technological revolutions within F1.

  • My moment #2

    F1 Marshall Stephen Green talks about his experience handling a punter who ran onto the F1 track.

  • Let's break it down

    CNBC delves into the F1 engine and how changes to the technology have helped the car become more efficient.


  • Torie is a presenter and lifestyle reporter who is guest presenter for One Second in... F1 Racing.

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