The Tyres

  • The history of the tyres

    Since the 1950s, tyres have changed in size and shape as speed increased and were the subject of fierce competition between manufacturers. Today, Pirelli is the sole supplier of F1 tyres.

  • Spotlight on the tyres

    CNBC visits Pirelli to find out more about F1 tyre and how they are made, from the chemistry lab to the testing phase.

  • Leadership: Paul Hembery

    Paul Hembery, motorsport director at Pirelli, discusses being the sole supplier of F1 tyres, reacting to incidents and what developments the manufacturer is working on.

  • My moments #1

    Looking after Lewis Hamilton is full of surprises, Marie-Pierre Hansom, senior host at Mercedes-Benz World reveals.

  • Let's break it down

    Tyres are often referred as "the Dark Art" of F1 because so many variables are involved in getting them right says F1 expert, Mark Priestley, explaining how teams decide which tyre to use for races.

  • Tactical challenges

    Driving styles have a bit impact on how long a set of tyres will last in a race, experts tell CNBC.

  • My moments #2

    Jan Knott from the Brooklands Museum recalls meeting one of his heroes, Formula 1 World champion, James Hunt.

  • F1 to your car

    Tyres for normal cars differ widely from those used in F1 racing but some changes introduced in the sport have fed through to our tyres. CNBC investigates.

  • Behind the numbers

    Each tyre loses half a kilo in a race due to wear. Check out these other tyre-related, mind-boggling numbers.


  • Torie is a presenter and lifestyle reporter who is guest presenter for One Second in... F1 Racing.

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